Life in the Slow Lane

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Speed Limit

An important note for scooter users in Rehoboth and Dewey. First, don’t trust a word in this article where it explains any legal aspect of scooter riding and parking. Everything has changed since this article was published. I am not going to change the following text – I don’t do that – I never do.

Be warned that the laws are stronger, more specific and are enforced with gusto by the local police. Also know that scooters are generally unsafe to ride, just like bicycles, only worse. Consider alternate transportation.

And if you are buying a scooter and can’t be dissuaded, here’s a little consumer tip: for Chinese scooters, go online a save $300-500. If you want a better scooter, go see George up on the highway – he deals with better products and has the resources that it takes to assemble and maintain these machines correctly. And if you don’t know which scooters are Chinese, keep reading – every single scooter in the following articles is Chinese.

scooter at the beach, rehoboth, fast enoughWell under the top speed of a scooter, the speed limit in the town of Rehoboth is twenty-five miles an hour. You can get to where you want to go as fast as any car or full size motorcycle and certainly much faster than a bicycle.

parking permit in rehoboth beach delaware not required for scooters
Parking Permit

parking permit rehoboth beach delaware, sun funStarting on Memorial Day (until Labor Day) you’ll need a parking permit to park your car or motorcycle on the streets anywhere in the town of Rehoboth. But you don’t need one for your scooter! In fact, scooter parking is permitted anywhere you are allowed to park a bicycle. Check out the pictures to see how close you can get to the ocean, the boardwalk, or any shop or restaurant that you wish to patronize.permit parking rehoboth beach rental sales
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Special Lanes
In Rehoboth, during the summer, the traffic is often backed up for miles. Scooters are permitted on Route One to drive in the far right lane which is specifically designated for use only by buses, right turns and bicycles. On Rehoboth Avenue there is often an end-to-end gridlock of cars – but scooters, like bicycles are allowed to skirt the traffic on the right and on the shoulder. The rule of thumb (for scooters under 50cc size – less than 2.7 horse power) is scooters are simply motorized bicycles and the laws pertaining to bikes also apply to scooters and mopeds.
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Read more about Rehoboth’s parking policies here
Learn more about Delaware’s definition and registration of scooters (and mopeds) here


Rental Scooter is Brand New

scooter rental rehoboth beach delaware

You can rent a scooter like this at Scooter City of Rehoboth

It shouldn’t be taken for granted that a rental product will be fit for the service you expect of it. More than once this blogger has had to return rented tools and on one occasion took back a gasping, clunking rental car.

When it comes to renting scooters, unlike the giant corporate vehicle rental agencies; Hertz, Budget and Avis who’s resources run deep,  you are doing business with small independent dealerships burdened with safety and operational upkeep of their rental units.

Scooter City’s approach to the problem is to rent new scooters. It’s not unusual when you rent a ride from Scooter City to get a unit with only a couple hundred miles on it. Your vacation experience is improved when you’re driving a clean, mechanically sound scooter.