Another Morning Squandered

Love the traffic!
A recent posting begat a load of “likes” and I thought I’d return the compliment by roaming around my likers’ blogs and leaving some “likes” of my own. I got to and discovered some art that slowed me down – made me think (a good thing about art). When I got to Jen Muir’s book cover of the classic, Moby Dick, I found my morning exercise photoshop project. I’m a graphic arts guy and an editor – I just can’t help myself.

moby dick herman melville book cover by jen muir

A delightful book cover by Jen Muir – slightly re-envisioned

I made some basic changes that I though might sit better in the classic books layout at the local library. And, it seemed that Jen’s version would be more comfortable (IMHO) in the kids and/or pre-teen sections.
Great art, Jen, thanks for posting it.

Check out Jen’s stuff

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